Meet us at Game Connection San Francisco

Meet us at Game Connection San Francisco

RaLight Software S.L., part of RaLight Solutions Group, the digital production Spanish company specialised in videogames, announces the recent acquisition of part of Brazilian brand Joysticket, the new retention and engagement technology that gives users one more reason to love any game.

As part of RaLight Software’s continuing search for new innovations in the entertainment market, the new acquisition of Joysticket will impact in the business growth of game developers, as it will improve the acquisition and retention of new users. The idea is simple and new at the same time: users download apps containing Joysticket SDK and get tickets completing events in the game designed by the developer. Then, those tickets are exchanged for real products at the rewards shop. A win-win experience for developers and players! Joysticket does work on iOS, Android and Unity3D and has an API for other platforms. Besides Brazil business, RaLight Software will lead the Joysticket European project.

Both companies will attend Game Connection in San Francisco next month to introduce Joysticket to developers and partners. Want to know more? Send us an invitation through the Game Connection meeting system and let us show you what Joysticket can do for your business!


Download the sale-sheet: Joysticket_SaleSheet_GC2015_EN

Download official Press Release: Nota de prensa Joysticket_EN